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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Nutters Come in All Shapes and Sizes


Thanks Strav for the tip. Here's another moronic act, too difficult even for a silly mind to comprehend.

Gulf News reports:

Ras Al Khaimah: A man, who said he had to keep an appointment with George W. Bush and other leaders on the moon, gave Civil Defence the jitters because he wanted to leap from the roof of a building to reach his destination.

The 38-year-old Indian climbed to the roof, shouting to people to clear the way to the moon because he had to meet the US President.

I rest my case.. Why are there so many nutters concentrated in a small geographic location? Beats me.


Blogger Hahaha said...

'Cause everyone is a nutter! Some just vie for the headlines.

You can take the frontpage of a local or the frontpage of a news syndicate publicaton and the mixed nut festival will be on each.

Think about it; If the model for news was to present accomplishment and pleasantness then people would probably be more pleasant and accomplished.

There's something there alright. Mistakes, as headlines, are the common fare. "Who screwe d up this time?"

I barely read my local. They always publish reports, about interesting events, the day after the event. Last year Queen Noor visited and unless you were a student at one Univeristy then you didn't find out till she was splitzville.

When the paper tortures you; then get another paper or -editor.

11:27 am  
Blogger SillyBahrainiGirl said...

IS everyone really a nutter?

And what's this with changing papers and editors?

And why shoot the messenger?

8:39 pm  
Blogger Hahaha said...


First, this is the first time I've been back to see the first reply to my comment which is the first comment.

Time flys like flys on a barnyard.

Second, Silly,

I think you a r e "r e a d i n g i n t o" my com ment alittle too ooo oooo m u c h...

Please come back from the moon! There's nothing there! I read it in the papers!!!

9:55 pm  
Blogger SoupduJourandMore said...

same, here same, hear say, hearsay, here,

to look a b c d e, at, smile, snicker, think, this isn't happening now, right now it isn't, it's funny, snicker,

does that mean never? hope not, don't believe so, no, naaaaah, it won't be never, no chance of that, baaaaaah,

many things won't be said, life is war, peasants bang the gates, everyday sunny, they believe their claims, they'll be back, tomorrow, 'cause they believe,

many things must be felt, and not noted, the rules, as policed, the anti-police police, fight a pattern, not sa fasta, you can understand it though, the road to heaven is paved, with bad intentions,


(that last line, before; anyway, is quite funny..)

over the horizon won't be seen, until it arrives, difficult to imagine, when consumed, confronted, confined with the present, we must though, keep workin' it, that why there,

well them's the rules, patience is a verge, in, suspicious independence, is virtue, it's funny, in a way,

the reality changes, as moods, so is it a mood, or the reality, neither, bothe, all the above, below, some not really, kinda, move alittle, but when spoken, alittle, it changes, so maybe not, or, or maybe so,

can't panic, the deep end is full, a jumpin' time, the circus left town, the elephants raided the bank, again, fermented apples, to blame,

the sun never sets, look above, that's not the same as "it", it's not the same as uncertainty, the suns never set, see the clouds, seen here,

everyone wants to live forever, if waiting an eternity, is the wish fulfilled, maybe all the effort is done, now it's about time, about time for what, a matter of time,

should we be p'ssed, riding armchair till it breaks, yelling screaming, moaning, at neighbors,

pulling hair, hmmmm, something,


and anything goes,

long as we're alive, to wait, got to be alive

10:03 pm  

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