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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Excuse me .. Can you spell sexual harrassment please?


A silly world indeed .. here's an example from the US.

"He doesn't know those things," she told The Enterprise of Brockton. "He's only 6 years old."

Try explaining this to perverts maam!


Blogger SoupduJourandMore said...

Wait till this kid is Seven!

11:54 pm  
Blogger SillyBahrainiGirl said...

hehe .. Horror oh horror! Seven? I can't imagine ;)

8:36 pm  
Blogger sleepyniece said...

Baaaaaaaaaa bahaaaaaaaa, praise, more praise, bahlieve it, the best, I love every minute of it, you're 'pecial,

Never heartstabs and backbroken, No no no never, remember a sentence here, and there, the queues are there,

proletariat madness, maybe, there are peers around, and friends, don't underestimate ceci, ceci has traveled, wide, back, forth, over over, ah ah ah ah ah, more more more .....

they're not about bahaaaaaa, they're other things, hint of contradiction is normal,

iconoclastic, from infinity and back, there is no contradiction, but there is some, which is fine, that's the desired territory, that comes with the territory, and all that c omes with the territory, come with it, c omes the territory, mmmmmm,

time, the moment, the moment is time specific, all moments are, ceci knows, none to worry, the only thing we have to fear, is people who will torture and kill us, everything else is just ridiculous,

hehe, at this time people are attempting to adjust to paradigmatic transitions that they haven't defined too well, they know something has happened, they know who said what, they look to leaders, who are busy vacationing while under investigation, this ain't last years debate, though you'd think some are stuck on it, I'm not, don't be deceived,

the good things don't change, mmmmm, never forgotten, mmmm mmm, never to be thought forgotten, never second to anything,

Bahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bahaaaaaaaaaaaaa bahaaaaaaaa, and again, woof, your back..., oh you thing you...

mmmmm, all ya got to do is wait, it either falls apart or it doesn't, you think it falls, hasn't, the moment in time is testy, squeezing alittle, this is understood, so don't worry,

piece a cake, piece of chocolate, piece of frustration, piece of normal, go through the motions, we must, appearences must be kept,

yesterday the highway was blocked, one lane only, bumper to bumper, somebody crashed a sports car, not severe, but enough,

no skid marks, no other cars hit, dumb sob was sporting around and missed, hit wooden retaining wall, straight flat against, ah gee, did that just happen...

two seater, top down, fifty grand, maybe more, gray silver, high performance whether you like it or not,

that's the moment

the moment that guy or gal was havin' fun but forgot that a sports car really goes where it's pointed, I don't know why that's so funny, it was a beautiful car and somebody had a bad day, it's like a car in a swimming pool,

nothing is happening, really, 'cept for Jewish Settlers, the rest of us are eyeballing wooden retaining walls, watch that one!, that was close!!,

I'm trying to stay ahead and alongside the curve, it appears to be limbo, it feels like limbo, limbo feels like an eternity, the trick, limbo can't last, and there are only so many things to do, now one less, the sports car dumb crash has been done, scratch that one off the list,

so don't think that what you think, or are inclined to think, or are uncertain about, is anything but the moment, the moment,

I know it's frustrating, I don't like it either, but I have responsibilities and of course, at the moment, they're bearing down, then suddenly, the wind will change, I'm waiting for that second...

xxx there, then xxx there, and xxx there too, xxx xxx xxx

7:13 am  
Blogger SoupduJourandMore said...

Ah, Hellooo, earth to sleepy..

I did not know that you were leaving messages here. This explains the emails. What if 'someone' didn't pick up all the vague references? This is confusing..

You know, I could easiy misinterpret what is posted at your other sites and then you would respond to what I posted at my other sites and the response could be like that chair throwing scene in "BodyHeat" without the chair and the window and the old corvette... 'Member that one...?

Maybe your a Jokers' Joker... Some are like that.. Or maybe you believe all that yer readin'...

Secret Coded Message for Sleepy Eyes Only Top Most Secret:

A table in sand. The world largest flag pole. On a windless day air lifts the cloth over the window. Shutters. Waterfall bellows. A year ago and A thousand years from now. Butterflys. garden. Worth of Venus.

9:13 am  

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